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Medical Billing Entry is a one-stop shop for all your medical transcription needs. We provide quality and accurate discharge summary transcription services at an affordable price.

Discharge Summary Transcription

For more than a decade and a half, Medical Billing Entry has been the premier virtual staffing supplier for executives & their corporations worldwide. Our services include:

  • World-class infrastructure, technology, and security
  • 24/7 Dependable customer care
  • Immediate 40% savings on overheads
Discharge Summary Transcription
Outsource Discharge Summary Transcription to Medical Billing Entry
  • Improve workflow and drive efficiency with accurate discharge summary transcriptions.
  • Diagnostic Reports
  • Discharge Summary Dictation Reports
  • Patient History Records
  • Medical Tests Records
  • ADT Processes
  • Emergency Room Notes
  • Discharge Summary
  • Medical Transcription
  • Sample Reports Transcription
  • Sample Transcription
  • Report Transcribed
  • Medical Transcription Report
  • Discharge Summary Medical transcription services
Why Medical Billing Entry Discharge Summary Transcription?
Strict Compliance

Here at our organization, we not only absolutely adhere the HIPAA standards of data security, but also comply with all other relevant medical guidelines to keep your data safe and secure.

Easy Access

Our search facility, fixes, batch printing and HL-7 integration provide an easy & quick way to access patient medical records. Quality is guaranteed for all of these features.

Premium Technology

We have the most modern transcription tools available which are capable of interfacing with all leading EMRs, allowing us make full use of our virtual assistants. 

Multiple Quality Checks

At each stage of the review process, transcripts go through extensive checks to ensure any potential liability issues are avoided. This way we can guarantee you exceptional quality work in a timely manner.

How We Work

To ascertain your business objectives, we put our expertise to work by evaluating the staffing & software necessities needed for your success.


Our team of experts will work hard to find the ideal virtual assistant/s for your company’s unique needs and make sure they meet all of your expectations.

Train and Monitor

Our team lead ensures that KPI expectations are met, provides training when necessary and oversees the whole project. They also monitor your staff’s performance to ensure progress is made.

Provide Reports

Every week, we send out a detailed quality report and every two weeks, we follow it up with an email to provide feedback and updates on your team’s performance. 

Outsource Discharge Summary Transcription Services
Transcription Services of the Highest Order

Medical Billing Entry is renowned for its comprehensive discharge summary transcription services across the US, catering to some of the most prominent hospitals and clinics in the country. We are renowned for our top-notch discharge summary transcription services, delivered efficiently, and at a reasonable cost. This has enabled our clients to successfully achieve their business objectives with minimum effort.

Scope of Our Discharge Summary Medical Transcription Services
Our discharge summary transcription services include the following:
  • Emergency room notes
  • Complete diagnostic notes
  • Prescription
  • Medical tests
  • Medical history
  • Admission/discharge transfer (ADT)
  • Discharge summary dictation reports
We Follow a Meticulous Discharge Summary Transcription Process that Delivers Results
Our discharge summary medical transcription process can be outlined as follows:
Receiving Audio/Text Files:

The encrypted emails & SFTP transfers enable us to receive audio/text files of the medical test summaries, including x-rays, scans, and more. 

Transcribing Reports:

Our professional medical transcribers accurately convert audio files or handwritten notes into written reports. Their expertise ensures accuracy and completeness in every transcription. 

Quality Check:

After the reports are finished, a two step quality assurance process is applied. This system also takes into account compliance with worldwide standards like HIPAA/ HL7. 

Collating Data:

We carefully transcribe reports and convert them into a standardized format, tailored to fit your exact needs. 

Submitting Transcribed Document:

Transcribed summary documents are securely shared with the client within a day of transcription, either through a secure FTP server or by encrypting emails. 

Why Outsource Discharge Summary Transcription Services to Medical Billing Entry?

By outsourcing discharge summary transcription services to a reliable medical transcription company such as Medical Billing Entry, you can expect to reap various benefits. This includes improved accuracy, cost savings, and faster turnaround times for all your reports.

99% Accuracy Rate

We leverage our experience and knowledge with advanced technology and quality assurance process to deliver efficient discharge summary transcription services. Our approach ensures high accuracy transcriptions of up to 99%.

Extra Quick Turnaround Time

You can take advantage of the delivery centers in India that we offer and get access to robust & dependable discharge summary transcription services. Our turnaround time is one of the fastest and can take as little as 4-12 hours. 

Skilled Transcription Teams

Our team of 200+ experts are carefully chosen to transcribe discharge summaries. Each one of them has 15+ years of experience in facing the challenges of this industry. We hold regular transcription training sessions in-house to ensure that everyone is following our strict quality standards. This way, we can make sure that all personnel are up-to-date with the best practices.

HIPAA Compliant Medical Transcription Services

We take great pride in the fact that Medical Billing Entry is able to consistently offer 100% HIPAA compliant medical transcription services. Not only do we maintain a high standard of quality, but our entire medical transcription team also regularly undergoes HIPAA training.

Customized Services

Not only can you select the format of your transcriptions, but we are also able to supply them in the software or destination of your choice. This includes direct-faxing copies to physicians, transcribing directly into EMR systems & on-site printing at medical facilities.

  • We guarantee 30% savings on costs
  • We provide 98% accuracy in transcription
  • Quick turnaround time ranging from 4 to 24 hours
  • 200+ experienced discharge summary transcriptionists with in-depth medical knowledge and knowledge of HIPAA rules
  • Complete medical data security, with uncompromising privacy policy
  • Over 15 years of experience in providing discharge summary transcription services
  • Toll-free telephone dictation
  • Unlimited customer support services
  • No long-term contract required

If you choose Medical Billing Entry for discharge summary transcription services, you partnering up with a company that is renowned for its speed, precision and reliability. We guarantee satisfaction with our transcription services.

Accurate Transcription Services

Our team of experienced and qualified professionals are trained to provide accurate transcription services for your discharge summaries. We use the latest technology to ensure accuracy and speed of delivery.

Time-Saving & Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer time-saving and cost-effective solutions to help you get the most out of your medical transcription needs. Our services are fast, reliable, and secure, allowing you to save both time and money.

High Quality Reports

Our experts provide high quality reports that meet industry standards so you can be sure that all the facts are accurately recorded in the discharge summary transcription process.

Secure & Confidential

Medical Billing Entry takes care of all security concerns when it comes to transcribing sensitive information for our clients. All data is kept confidential and securely stored in our database.

Contact us today and discover the advantages of outsourcing discharge summary transcription services to Medical Billing Entry.
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By selecting Medical Billing Entry & Healthcare Services, you will be tapping into a wealth of expertise in medical billing & Coding MBE services that spans over 15 years. Medical billing is a form of communication between the healthcare provider and the payer to ensure that costs related to medical services are appropriately recorded and paid.

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Rest assured that your Medical Billing Data & Healthcare Data is in good hands with our HIPAA compliant services. Our team is extensively trained in safeguarding your data and ensuring that it meets the strictest industry standards for security. You can trust us to provide secure access to all your important information, giving you peace of mind knowing that your sensitive data is protected at all times.

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